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c▓ial Representative of the Secretary-▓General for Children and Armed Conflict Virginia Gamb▓a told the press.The number of child casualties in Afghanistan remained the

highest such numbe▓r in the present report, and children acco▓unted for 28 percent of all civilian casualties.In the Syrian Arab Republic, air strikes,▓ barrel bombs a

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nd cluster munitions ▓resulted in 1,854 child casualties, and in Yemen, 1,689 children bore the brunt of ground fighting and other offensives, the report said.Children continued to be forced to take an active part in hostilities, including t▓o carry ou

t suicide bombings against civilians, said the report, adding that others were used in support roles such as sexual slaves or human shiel▓ds.Somalia remained the country with the highest number of cases of the recruitment and use of chi▓ldren followed by Nigeria, according to

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since 2005 on th

the report.The repor▓t also verified 1,023 attacks on schools an▓d hospitals. In the Syria, 2018 witnessed 225 at▓tacks, the highest numbers of attacks, ▓on schools and

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